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Authenticity Certificate

All of our products are accompanied by the authentication certificate of JOIN.


When you are looking for a new bedroom, you will find a great variety in beds as well as in full-length mirrors, bureaus, dressing tables etc. However, what is important –fact that most of the times we pay no attention to- is that the selection of the bedroom should be made extremely carefully, given that there we spend 1/3 of our lives.

JOIN aims at the constant improvement of man’s most private space… the bedroom. Except for the original design and quality of the products, the raw materials selected and used for the product manufacturing, are human and environmental-friendly. The veneers are 100% natural made of olive, oak or walnut sheets and they have been specially processed with ecologic varnishes (water and wax-based dyes), certified with ISO 9001 by the largest company in the world, MILESI SPA. For this reason, JOIN has many imitators who aim at deceiving the consumer by offering unlabeled bedroom products of unknown origin and quality.

Plenty of these products have harmful components for humans. So, have a good research before deciding… sleep is health and the space you sleep in is sacred. Pay attention to the bedroom and mattress purchase, without getting carried away by the low price of some products which are of questionable origin and quality.

We live together with our furniture, let them be safe!

*All JOIN products are accompanied by Authenticity Certificate and metallic label./p>