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Mankind has left a heavy footprint on the environment, something which has become quite noticeable the last 50 years. Non-governmental organizations, agencies and individuals are making their own effort to socially awaken the world and take measures to avoid destruction of the ecosystem. The greatest of all evils has a name and it’s called plastic. Its overuse has caused immeasurable damage to the environment. Many countries in the world have passed laws against the use of plastic, some countries comply with these regulations, others find loop holes in order to keep using plastic, and some other countries, of which one would never think they would, have some of the strictest international standards.

The example of Rwanda Since 2008 when the law on plastic ban was passed, tourists entering the country are surprised to see airport officials open their suitcases and bags and literally confiscate any plastic bag or packaging they carry with them. In one year more than 421 tons of plastic bags were confiscated. The fact that the new generations are completely ignorant of the existence of plastic in any form is very impressive. The example of third world Rwanda should be an example for all the other first and second world countries which, while they have the means, lack the will.


Nevertheless, private initiative contributes to the salvation of the environment, and more and more companies have become more sensitive about this matter, are making small steps towards biodegradable packaging and biodegradable everyday objects, making environmental awareness a trend. Palm leaves, cane leaves, corn leaves, potato leaves, birch bark, make durable, eco-biodegradable packaging that is good for the environment and hence for our health.

For those who love small disposable items there are quite a few solutions. You do not want to carry your glass to work or you hate having to wash it afterwards? You can buy transparent glasses made of starch. Why use plastic cutlery while there is eco-friendly cutlery from birch wood available on the market, and sugar cane skin serving utensils.

Next time your order your coffee say no to plastic straws and use your own from recyclable materials. Plastic water bottles occupy a huge portion of the seabed of our planet.
Use a water filter on your tap, and store water in reusable aluminum bottles. If you want everyone in your office to admire and look up to you, buy biodegradable pens, mechanical pencils, bookmarks and more, and let those around you follow your example. The market for the most part has acquired environmental awareness. Thanks to private initiative and a shift to ecological ways of living, the planet has a hope of surviving. It is our duty to support this cause.