The Real Secrets of Refurbishing Small Spaces

The times we are living in drive us to inhabit small spaces and trend favors ergonomic design.


Do not despair, there are solutions to everything. The first thing you need to do when refurbishing your small house is have a look at your apartment’s layout. Try to find the useful spaces and make the most of them.

Decide what style you wish your house to have. This will guide you through all the changes you wish to make later on. Paint the walls in the same color as the ceiling. This will make your space look bigger. Go for white or generally pale shades. You will add color later on with the furniture and the decorative ornaments. In small houses having a kitchen, dining-living room combo can be very useful. Depending on how small the space is, there are solutions to satisfy all kinds of needs.

The kitchen will be your starting point. With the help of an expert, you will find the right place in your house and you can customize it according to your needs. Make sure you participate in its designing. This will save you time and you can be sure of the result. For a small kitchen select built-in electrical appliances. This way you allow the designer to better exploit the space available, install any cabinets and shelves needed and give a “tidy” and “neat” appearance to your kitchen. You have no space for a dinning set? You have two options. Choose an expendable table with chairs that fit in, or if you do not have the space even for that, then a folding table can be placed on one side of the wall and next to it you can hang folding chairs with special hooks.

In the living space invest in a large corner sofa with storage space to store seasonal decorative, rugs and pillows.

Tip: Choose a sofa-bed. Your friends will appreciate it.

A work space e is essential in a house. In confined spaces, though, you will have to place a piece of furniture that is practical and functional, with built-in lighting and of minimal design so that it will not draw attention away from the room. These are all characteristics you will find in Join’s office proposals that incorporate a work space with a bookcase. Complete this corner with a simple hanging bookcase. A mirror is something that should definitely not be missing from your shopping list. It creates the illusion of depth and makes the room look bigger. In a very small bedroom, choose a bed with storage space and place it in a corner; you should definitely hang a roller or blinds in the windows. If there is not enough space for a bedside table, hang shelves on the wall and you can place books, a small lamp or small decorative ornaments on them.