Since 1977 Join is a leading bedroom furniture manufacturer located in Greece.

We design and produce unique and innovative bedroom furnitures that will stay untouched in time and keep their quality and value over time.

Our network expands in more than four countries and until today we have more than 60 partners worldwide that represent our products.

The fundamental axes that define us are:

Experience, know-how, research, specialization, design, perseverance, prestige and reliability.


Join is producing more than just a bed.

Our R&D department design and develop innovated products with original patents and unique ideas such as the newest Join’s Smart Mirror which you can learn more by clicking here.


When a customer purchasing a Join’s product its just the beginning of his journey and the long-term partnership with Join.

After Sales
Support & Benefits.

  • Warranty

    All Join’s products includes an exclusive 5 years warranty which assists the high standards and beliefs that Join have about its own products quality.

  • Interior Design

    Our expert Interior Design team will assist every customer before and after their purchasing and provide him modern ideas, tricks and tips to decorate their bedroom based on the bedroom model that they prefer. Every product includes an interior designer palette which contain colors, materials and fabrics that you can pair with your new bedroom.

  • Exclusive Content

    Every customer have access to exclusive weekly newsletters and blog posts with the newest trends, decoration ideas, interior design tips and tricks which he grants by activating the product warranty.

Are you an Individual buyer?

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of our products and services.