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Guarantee Terms

All JOIN products have been made of high quality and resistance raw materials so as to “enjoy” them for many years.

Guarantee is valid only in case that the Join products are used and implemented as it is described in the instructions below and if there has been registered the code of the product on the page of on-line guarantee.

By entering the code, belong to Join Club, a group that enjoys special privileges, special offers for products and services!

Guarantee is not valid:
1. If a JOIN product is subject to changes or reparations without permission by the JOIN company.
2. If the instructions by JOIN concerning the cleaning and maintenance of a product as they are indicated on the authenticity certificate that accompanies the product, are not followed.
3. For textiles, leatherette, leather and tapestries of the JOIN products.
4. For wireless charging accessories, and wireless and wired charging chargers.
5. If the product is subject to any other kind of damage due to bad maintenance or any other kind of incident.
6. In case that a different kind of frame or boards have been installed, instead of the Join Anatomical Frame (Join Metal frame).
(JOIN anatomical frame includes 17 anatomical boards of 3.5cm maximum distance among them)

During the complaint procedure, the initial invoice or purchase receipt as well as the authenticity certificate must be showed / enclosed. Complaints must be addressed to the supplier who the product has been purchased from or any other JOIN products authorized dealer.