• How can we corporate?

    If you wish to request a new corporation with Join, feel free to send us a direct email at [email protected] or click here, to send us an inquiry request.

  • Countries available for cooperation

    Every country around the world is welcome to start a new corporation with Join, we will provide all the necessary documentation and prices that you will need.

  • Our global reach

    Depending the destination country our logistics in corporation with transport agencies will provide the fastest worldwide shipping.

  • Estimated delivery time

    From the moment you place your order, the order will be ready in approximately 15-20 days. The approximate time may change depending on the period but we make sure to always keep you informed of the exact time.

  • Participation in exhibitions

    Every year Join participates in exhibitions to promote its products to new customers and find new potential partners around the world. See our participations.

  • Corporation benefits

    By working with Join you receive extra benefits that will help you increase your sales and promote your boutique, Join’s marketing team, is created to improve your boutique’s presentation and give you proper guidance. Contact us to learn more.

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