Wedding in the Coronavirus Era

Is this period suitable for crowns and weddings? You will be my crowning glory, many future grooms promise to their future wives swearing everlasting faith, dedication and love … Τhe future brides are excited with their sweetheart and somehow after this special moment the wedding event organising begins. This is what traditionally happened up until the beginning of 2020, in the pre-coronavirus era.

In the coronavirus era, the crowning glory acquires a more literal meaning … not so pleasant and certainly not so desired. It is a rational consequence that this situation will affect the weddings as well as all the aspects of our life.

This moment is very important for a couple as it is a significative day where together with loved ones they celebrate their selfless feelings and their decision to build a common life together based on mutual respect and understanding. The participants in this celebration are loved ones, family friends and co-workers. A beautiful decoration, a delicious menu, plenty of photos that will remind you of the moments of this special occasion and of course a lot of fun, dance and singing complete the portrait created on this day. But, how all these can become into being in the year 2020, when the protective measures require the social distance, the use of mask, gloves and generally our personal responsibility?

The experts, always taking into account the advice of those in charge, offer their services and advice for a perfect and safe organization. First of all, the number of guests should be limited. The reception or the party should take place in an open space. The tables should be placed in the appropriate distance and the number of guests per table should be specific according to the distances proposed by the experts.

The menu can be served in a buffet style with priority order that will be strictly adhered or it can even better be served at each table separately. Moreover the staff should be equipped with masks and gloves, maybe a little more stylish and creative than the usual ones.

It is also good to offer the guests antiseptic bottles or wipes in a beautiful package, for their regular disinfection. As for the time of the dance, appropriate measures should be taken there as well. The guests might dance holding towels that will connect them in distance. More than one dance floor can also be set up to avoid overcrowding. Another solution is to have a certain number of people in a row each time so that everyone is able to dance on their own turn.

There are of course couples who decide to postpone their wedding; thinking in a positive way that this will give them time to better organize this special day and thus will have more loved ones around them. There are so many ways for everyone to express their love and dedication to their partner even when the conditions are not ideal … the day may lose some of its spontaneity but in effect nothing changes and this is the most important!