How the difficulties of life make us stronger

For each person, of course, the degree of difficulty varies from mild to great difficulty. Life is like a hiking trail. It depends on whether the one you choose is marked or not, whether you will take a guide with you and whether the path will be mild, moderate or very difficult.

Many times we do not have the right to choose. Some of us have a guide, some do not, some take necessarily the path of great difficulty, some the moderate and some the mild one. Other times some situations knock on our door without us wanting it or without waiting for it. And then we are called to show our resilience to unprecedented emotions and events and to deal with them in a way that at some point we can get out of the tunnel we entered. How easy it would be to have a manual Guidebook to Life!

Whenever any need occurred we would look at the table of contents, find the pages that interest us and everything would be miraculously solved. We live, however, in a time where problems, instead of being solved, they are accumulating. Advances in science and technology may have made our everyday life easier in some fields and have increased life expectancy but this has not solved significant social, political and financial problems. Every difficulty is a new struggle that leads us to a new reality, to a new self. It is necessary to experience frustrations and conflicts in our lives, but it is necessary to be able to get out of them. Then everyone will be able to discover for themselves things they did not know at the beginning of this journey. How would women obtain their rights if they did not fight for them? How would the people gain their independence if they did not fight for it? Difficulties and challenges existed – exist – will always exist in our lives, performing their own role and affecting our evolution. What matters is how we perceive them and in the light of which perspective we choose to see them. This starts from the very first years of our life … How do we deal with a difficult problem at school? How do we handle a reality in which our school environment makes fun of us because of our specific nature? How do we continue our studies without money? How long will we continue to look for a job watching the unemployment going off the charts? And what do we do when a health problem or the loss of a loved one knocks on our door?

The answer to these questions lies in the power that everyone hides inside and in the faith that there will be sunnier days and for them it is worth fighting for. In closing, it is worth remembering the words of Immanuel Kant: “The difficulties of life are usually dealt with in three ways: hope, dream and humor”.