129 ways to get the ideal husband

Taking a look today at a 1958 article in McCall’s Magazine If we go back in the year 1958 in the socio-political development of Greece, the new Constitution provides for gender equality in all fields. At the same time, an article entitled “129 Ways to Get a Husband” was published in McCalls magazine in America. The issue of this article was bought by Kim Marx-Kuczynski and published in 2018 on her Facebook account, getting thousands of likes and notifications.

The concept is as follows: 16 experts sit at a conference table and everyone, without any restrictions, says whatever advice comes to their mind. Hence the brainstorming, the technique that the article states has been used and has inspired many brilliant business ideas.


So let’s look at the suggestions of the experts:
The article in the slept 15 suggests that the brides to be should find government jobs abroad… That sounds easy with the unemployment that exists in our days.
The article in step 28 encourages frequent relocations. Unfortunately, with Airbnb you can bless your fortune if you find a decent house. Not to mention the struggle of packing-unpacking. Then, in the step 29 the article suggests the choice of small hotels because there the relations are tightened more easily. Not to mention you save money!

How would you feel if you saw a girl crying? Would you ask what the matter is? Well, that’s what step 40 is based on. Was there any waterproof mascara then? These are as far as how to find a husband is concerned. If the candidate husband was considered a catch, they had to find a way to look good on him. And what does the article suggest? Girls should wear high heels… ok so far. As long as the candidate is not shorter than them. That would be a problem! Also, in number 68, the article urges young girls to throw their cigarette butts in the ashtray. Sorry but now where we can find an ashtray…give the anti-smoking law. The article goes on, advising the innocent girls how to get the husband. So it proposes that go out with other married couples so for the future husband to be enticed by the joys of married life.

Of course, it would be clever to talk about the argument that the average death rate for bachelors is twice as high as for married people. Now, how can they refuse the marriage!

Reaching the last part of the article, it is mentioned that everything is allowed! And what all means?

In number 111 it suggests going to Yale… it is a educative proposal without a doubt!

A few lines below (number 122) the article proposes to always have a camera with them and if they find a passer-by to ask him for a photo. Unfortunately today mobile phones have alienated us, as selfies are now available. At the end, the article points out to the girls not to marry someone with a lot of loose buttons. Otherwise they will have to sew! Probably no one from the sixteen-member committee had seen the Greek black and white film the Aunt from Chicago because then they would have suggested the infallible method with the jugs. Today, only with humour we can deal with these pieces of advice that could easily be described as old fashioned, sexist and non-feminist. The strange thing is that on the cover of the magazine dominates… a cat.

Is it semantic?